Book of Eli and Other Books not of Eli

I’m really getting into the idea of the Post-Apocalyptic world these days. Not that I want 2012 to happen (as bad-ass cool as it might be), but there’s a certain charming romance to it.

I’m playing Fallout 3. I’m about to read Cormac McCarthy’s The Road. I just watched Book of Eli.

Through three different mediums I’m taking it all in. I’ve got a theory that the Post-Apocalyptic world as depicted in media is the new Wild West. This makes sense in a way, most Westerns were produced by drunk fat guys in New York City who’d never ridden a horse or gun-battled anything. In much the same way, I have serious doubts that anyone is writing from experience.

I think the rise in apocalyptic media is a product of the War on Terror and the rich lives we live. Society follows strict order and our imaginations paint a vivid picture of a world without any, but a world that still relies on the nature of humans.

Book of Eli was great. Denzel Washington plays Eli, a total badass on a mission to the West. (Perhaps a metaphor?) The art direction is brilliant, there are no vibrant colours for the duration of the film, everything is either blazing white or browned out. Eli travels across the American wasteland on a pilgrimage to deliver what may be the last existing Bible on Earth. (Not a spoiler, it was pretty obvious). Mila Kunis plays the romantic lead…

Just kidding, but she plays the heroine, and there’s a sort of father-daughter thing going throughout the movie. And she looks way better than I remembered her as Jackie on That 70’s Show, and way better than Meg from Family Guy.

It’s about two-hours long and it’s filled with tons of action sequences, visually satisfying landscapes, and gave me a lot of stuff to think about. Overall, a solid movie.

The post-apocalypse really works well with the Wild West, and ever since I read/watched No Country for Old Men, I’ve had a lot more respect for those ten-gallon hat wearing, leather chaps donning, moustache-growing Southerners. Cowboy’s don’t talk much, and that’s a good thing. They’re kind of like ninjas, except they’re not sneaky.

In sparsely populated areas, people rely on themselves for entertainment, they speak less and think more. Cowboys/Post-Apocalyptic Wanderers/Astronauts embrace that distance and manage to say very little but emanate wisdom. “It’s better to keep your mouth shut and have people think you are a fool than to open it and remove any doubt.” I google’d that one, I feel like I get the gist of these quotes but never remember what they actually are.

But enough about that. The book of Eli is a worth watching.

And while we’re talking about books, the independent bookstore This Ain’t the Rosedale Library is shutting down. It’s kind of sad really, although yesterday I was mourning the looming death of newspapers, I’m going to fully mourn the death of books. Independent books at that. We should all probably read more, I personally have been trying compile a good list of the classics for as long as I can remember. There’s just too many to be honest. So I started trying to find a book list that suited who I was and who I wanted to become. And that got even harder.

One has to remove the feeling that reading a book will provide you some profound knowledge. The journey is the knowledge and spending the time is the only way to achieve anything. I’m reading a book by Hemingway about a one-armed dude smuggling stuff and people from Cuba. It’s really good. I think it’s To Have and Have Not.

I love reading and the more I read the more eloquent I feel. It’s a good circle. Anyways, here’s one last reward for sticking it out and reading all of this… – it’s a good site for life goals. Also check out Happy rain day!


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