Get Him to The Greek (Not much more to say about it)

I don’t like to review movies, honestly, I don’t dislike a lot of things. That’s a problem I guess, as a critic you’re expected to be pretentious and find flaws and holes and turn your nose up. I’m not really like that. I can mentally prepare for every movie.

For this one, I set aside my memories of movies that star Jonah Hill or Jason Segal (who directed it, but he’s still hilarious). I also forgot the Forgetting Sarah Marshall existed and that the above named AND Russell Brand was in that too. One thing I really liked was P. Diddy’s role in the film (despite the trailer making him look predictable, he actually was decently funny, and maintained his Diddyness). Chris Rock would’ve also been great for the role, but I feel like Rock has played that part before.

Get Him to The Greek is not winning any awards, but as a way to spend a couple hours, it’s not bad. Similar to the way you might hang out with the same few people and always re-hash the same few jokes, they’re funny, but their not original. Everyone from the Judd Apatow days are cashing in on their earlier success, with varying degrees of replay value.

A picture of me at the film, mildly enjoying the jokes.

Jonah Hill and Brand are funny together, there’s copious amounts of drug jokes and six or seven pairs of breasts (not that I count that, but on the Apatow Film Scale (that I just made up) it’s definitely a factor). Even an awkward threesome that somehow involves Hill and Brand (but not Katy Perry). But it’s just running out of steam. I’d like to say it’s like Will Ferrell’s career, but I still laugh at all of his movies (except the children’s ones, I’m more stone-faced than Easter Island at those).

There’s no real comparison, comedy stardom is the new action stardom. Rocky’s are exactly the same. Rocky does well, then get’s his ass handed to him, then trains, then has a personal issue, then delivers a beat down on someone we don’t like, and then things are good again, leaving room for the next addition to follow suit. In a similar way, the Apatow Crew collection is pretty much the same film repackaged. Buddy films, but decently amusing.

Just don’t read too deep into the continuity, they do find ways to address good ideas, all in all. I think they’ve found a market for breaking down the male of this decade. I Love You, Man was for the dude that is a “girlfriend guy”, Forty Year Old Virgin was for… well, virgins (like a rated R version of that Robin Williams film Jack), Superbad was for senior year highschoolers, there’s a wealth of modern issues addressed, not in full-scale, but in a way that often leaves you thinking about how it relates. They’re funny because they’re true.

Get Him to The Greek is about stars not being as glamourous as they seem, that the drug addictions and random sex with strangers is a coping mechanism for stars. It also vaguely addresses “the whipped dude”, but in a way that fails to be resolved.

My rating? And I refuse to ever bow to consistency because trying to rate art/media out in quantifiable increments is absurd. 4.6 Thumbs out of a possible 6.8 Pointer fingers.


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