Who is the Black Bloc?

Capitalism is the smarter of two evils.

The Black Bloc is rioting in Toronto right now.

This is going to be a quick one, but I just want to say something about anarchy. It’s a ridiculous concept. If anyone thinks they can come up with a convincing argument for it, I fully welcome it.

By protesting, the Black Bloc has formed a miniature government. They’ve designated targets and organized protests. There’s nothing one can do, to be an anarchist, one is defying their genetics. You can’t protest breathing or requiring food.

I’m going to go out on a limb and speak outside of TRAVIS for a moment. There’s a lot more going on psychologically than a disdain for government. These are deeply disturbed people who are even more flawed in their thinking. These people are deliberately coming to cause trouble, and systematically I might add. These are people who have difficulty coping with authority.

I’m not comfortable speaking so lowly of the counterculture. I’ve spent a significant amount of my life feeling unhappy with capitalism and materialism, but watching this mayhem makes me glad I’m not downtown. What’s going on is mob mentality, I think it’s cowardly. Taking on the physical institution while no one is there to guard it is just sad. Factor in the strength in numbers and the black masks and I’m just appalled. This isn’t heroic on any level.

There is no way that this protest will end in success for the Black Bloc. How could it? What would a Canadian anarchy look like? I figure it would be pretty much the same, but these whiny punks would cry more.

Getting a job is just the way the world works. I don’t like it, I don’t like that I’ve worked for the man, but I like my iPod and downloaded music, and I like going out for good food, and driving my car. Oh and I like sleeping in a bed and having a home.

The Black Bloc is silly. At it’s best it’s humorous. There’s kids starving in Africa, and I don’t think they’d be smashing windows to get things done.

When you Black Bloc jerkoffs go home tonight on the GO train or the TTC, and see yourself on the news that you’re watching on your mom and dad’s 36-inch plasma TV and Tweet to your friends about it, I hope you realize the irony.

But again, I could cut these black block morons all day, but I should offer a solution. Maybe next time there’s something you don’t like, you should come downtown and do some good in the name of your cause. Helping the Homeless for Anarchy? Shit, that’d be swell.

Free Hugs to End Capitalism? Love it.

Doing anything to show that anarchy isn’t just some coked out punk song theme, and is actually going to make a better world should be what it’s about. Imagine if the government employed these tactics, they don’t like the protest so they’ll deploy the army to smash all the windows in the black bloc suburbs. Sounds like a plan.

There was a designated protest area, and not surprisingly, it’s not getting used. I’m watching people in black masks hammer windows until they shatter and it takes a full thirty-seconds to break one.

I’m not down with the black bloc, if it was up to me, there’s 300 of them and a billion dollars spent in security measures. I’d start making some big arrests.

I’m not thrilled with the way our society pushes products on us, but I’ll deal with that by addressing the system with words and not by breaking windows. To be honest, I don’t even know what the hell anarchists are expecting from this.

If you think you can explain any of this malarky, get back to me in the comments.

    • Di
    • June 26th, 2010

    You are so right. Unless you’re going to live off the land in a homemade yurt out in the forest somewhere, I’m not sure how you can have an anarchistic existence that will last for any length of time. In which case, don’t expect to have any emergency services to help you when a dangerous wild animal comes after you. Oh yes, you’d better go out there naked and make your own clothes, too, because heaven forbid you BUY clothes from some dreadful capitilist pig business. These people are just troublemakers and have no real doctrine. I wonder how many of them are on welfare rather than having jobs to pay their way in the world?

    • Di
    • June 27th, 2010

    Oh yes – I forgot – if Anarchy’s all about (theoretically) opposing capitalism and rules and instead about doing things by mutual cooperation, how come they have a Leader?????

  1. It makes me so angry! And these people can’t say when they’re sick they don’t go to the hospital. Where are they going with their injuries from the riots?

    Better not be a hospital, that’s the work of capitalism. Oh and forget off-the-books doctors, going to school is the work of capitalism. If you want to be a true anarchist, it’s survival of the fittest and if you’re injured it’s pretty much over.

    I’d like to follow the black bloc tools home and smash their windows and vandalize their properties and see who comes running. Can’t be police, they hate cops. Since it’s anarchy, and I’m a big angry dude, I can do what I want, and their vegan asses are fittin to get mashed up right boyo.

    This is all about some people who misread their political science books and forgot that we can accomplish everything with words instead of violence. (Which is probably something they spoke out against when they were getting bullied in 3rd grade).

    I’m not so hot on the way this country is run, but I accept the way things are and live to better myself first and thus better the world by one person.

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