The innernette

Sorry the posting has been light these past two days. Bolton has been doing an awesome job covering the G20 madness. I guess it’s over-ish now.

I’ve been writing a 5-page play for the last two days, not that I’m planning on showing anyone other than people who require seeing it for marks. But it’s been truly a scramble to write it. If you’ve never attempted to write a play, and never wanted to, it’s a toughie. I honestly had no idea where to begin, I ended up with some half-decent work that will pass for someone who probably won’t become a playwright.

I’ve been using a lot recently. If you really want it to be really interesting for you, take the time to go through all the options you can select for things you like. The more you define yourself the better. The internet is a beautiful place.

And on that note, I found this a really long time ago, but it’s really cool, if you need a place to but your bucket list, this would be a good place to start. I gotta clean mine up, it’s from a long time ago.

Anyway, sitting in class, but thinking of TRAVIS. Looking forward to seeing the Frosh issue come together!


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