A Whole Bunch o’ Stuff

Return of the, er, dinosuars!

I saw Toy Story 3 and Karate Kid on the Canada weekend (at the Oakville Mews, the awesome theatre on Kerr and Speers).  And tonight I watched Youth in Revolt starring Michael Cera (and a surprising cast including Zach Galifanakis).

I gotta get my beauty sleep in, or I’ll be cranky in the morning, so I’m gonna make this brief…

Toy Story 3 – Awesome.  Graphically stunning, Pixar maintains their reputation of visually stunning work coupled with great story.  I know there’s so many Randy Newman jokes, but I’m cutting him some slack on this one, the soundtrack was phenomenal.  It clearly employed a real orchestra (as it should, this was a finale to the trilogy, not a tacked on cash grab) and that really impressed me.  To be honest, I felt really sad at the end when Woody and Buzz say goodbye to the kid who owns them.  I haven’t seen either Toy Story in years but it gave me that rush of oddly placed emotional energy you get when you beat a really good game.

You know that feeling when you’ve spent 40 hours as Cloud, Barrett, and Tifa and it’s finally over, and you have to say goodbye to them because there’s no more story left to tell.  I was happy, sad, proud, losing a friend made in the 120 minutes of feature film goodness, but that’s what a movie should do.  There’s plenty of movies where it ends and you don’t really feel that connected to the protagonist, you’re just kinda glad he got what he wanted, and assume he or she will live happily ever after (or not who cares?).

It was a good film, I didn’t check my watch during it, so thumbs up.

Karate Kid – I took my little sister to this one.  I felt bad that I saw Toy Story without her.  So we went to Karate Kid, a film I’ve been pretty excited for.  It was good, there were some cheesy moments, and some awkward ones, and even some unintentionally funny ones.  There were a lot of moments, my sis and I agreed, there were so many moments that it was actually TOO many.  The last third of the movie, I just wanted him to kick the other guys ass and get on out of there.  Jaden Smith is Will Smith’s cocky little kid.  I say this because after the final shot, Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith sing/snarl/mouth/autotune over the credits.  There’s only one way to end a Karate Kid movie and it’s with the track in last nights blog post.  Trust me.

Biggest concern with the film, Justin Bieber, must he dip his beak into everything?!  And on an even more serious note, the film is called Karate Kid right?  Implying that there should be some karate.  Hells no, it’s kung fu (I guess they had the rights to the title but not the sport)

It just clicked as to why karate may not have wanted to be in that film.  There’s probably tenets and rules that are broken throughout the movie blatantly (like one shall not do the robot to impress asian girls in a park if you are wearing a wife-beater and weigh under 65 lbs).  But still, Kung Fu Kid actually sounds pretty cool too.  MMA Kid, not so much, sounds more like a syndrome.

At one point, Jaden’s mom says something overly loud and annoying like “Why you gotta be learning all that Karate for?” Jaden responds, “Mooom, it’s not Karate… it’s kung fu.”  Which confused me the most as to why they bothered to name the movie karate kid at all.  More of the target audience would have come if you named it “Justin Bieber Sings at the End Kid”

Good, but not “the best around”.

Youth in Revolt – Okay time is running out.  I felt it was Michael Cera doing what he always does: be an awkward 17 year old who just wants to get laid for the first time in his life.  There were some funny-ish parts, but not laugh out loud funny.  Cera’s dialogue had it’s moments but all in all it was pretty dry.

And even worse it was confusing as hell.  Cera, hopelessly in love with some girl in a trailer park, decides to do badass things to win the girl.  He does them and… well, I’ll let you fill in the blanks.  The problem is, I don’t think the girl is that great.  She’s kind of a floozy.  First she has a boyfriend, and second she lets him get to second base on not even the first date.  She seems like a nympho with little regard for the fragile emotions of a 17 year old boy.  Those kinds of girls are trouble.

That got a conversation started between my friend and I that the nature of “love” can exist with a “first love”.  She argued yes it was possible, even if the girl is kind of a strumpet, and even if Michael Cera has been the same character for the past half-decade.

My personal opinion, is that it takes experience to really understand “love”.  What it is to “love” something/someone may feel real when you’re young, but as you get older you start to really look at things in a grander scheme.  I read it about sex as well, that sex is about the journey to getting good, not just being good on your first go.  It’s the same with love.  First loves are usually far from perfect, maybe it exists  I dunno, all I am saying is that it’s hardly ever perfect and in the years to come, sometimes you’ll look back and wonder what made you date a certain person.  That’s just life.

But I’m starting to see the opposite side of the spectrum.  Inexperienced people are careless lovers and fall in love too easily and get lovestruck.  Experienced people fall for someone who makes them happy because they know what it is that they want.  Overly-experienced lovers seem to develop hard-hearts (look it up there’s a study and the stats don’t lie).  Healthy marriages are less probable, and I think perhaps it’s caused by getting set in a way that works.

Wow, it is time for some shut-eye,

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