Some Stuff to Look Forward too…

A brief timeline…

17 days… Jersey Shore 2 begins.
19 days… Osheaga in Montreal.
25 days… Wakestock in Collingwood.
About a month and a half… School starts again.

Enter Shikari @ Warped Tour, doesn't have to do with the surprise... but it's still pretty cool

If you were wondering there’s some really big things on their way at Sheridan College. Just be ready for it because it is huge. Props (do people still do that?) to anyone who reads this now and is already prepared when the big news drops!

Things I’m watching: Dexter.
Listening to: Hollerado, Enter Shikari, and the Cool Kids (random, I know.)
Reading: To Have and Have Not by Hemingway, also: Wired, GQ, and Esquire.
Rethinking: Not approving of sleeveless shirts… just try to limit saying “bro”.

This has been making me laugh all weekend:

Lastly, working on finishing up my write-up of my interview with Sheridan Student Union’s President Crystal Bennett! Really going to be a good read if I do say so myself!

Keep in touch,

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