Sometimes I take a moment and think to myself “THIS is my life…”

I’m working on a ten-page story at the moment for class. Who knows where it’s gonna end up but I’m excited to write it.

Does really awkward stuff ever happen to you and you’re not really sure what to do about it? Or even what to think?

Too often in my life do things happen to me that I just don’t know what to say. Sometimes they’re ridiculously cool things, and sometimes they’re just ridiculous.

Today at work, I was working with this guy… and this is a true story.
But he started a fight…. with guy cutting the lawn professionally.
Allegedly the guy was speaking ill of the reputable business I work for.
So the guy I was working with got all up ons and repeatedly invited the lawnmower man to “step outside and get his ass kicked”.
I don’t know who I should’ve defended. The dude, while rude, was not looking for a fight. But the dude was also jacked and would probably make a mess of my co-worker.
My co-worker started it, but he is my co-worker.
I could take my co-worker in a duel, the dude with the lawnmower, probably not.
Eventually the guy drove off, but if the proverbially you-know-what hit that oscillating wind-maker, I was just going to watch and take blackberry videos to post up here.

Anyway, it was pretty messed up.

Funny work stories? Please share,

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