The Devil, Not Only in The Details… But in The Eggs Too!

That lamb is going no where good.

To pass the time for my unemployed self (apparently an artist is no longer a profession) I have been watching Hell’s Kitchen with our favorite angry chef Gordon Ramsey. Now I’m not one to promote smoking but being yelled at while trying to make crab cakes for a celebrity would make anyone pick up a pack. At least fifteen to twenty minutes of the show is of the chefs conversing while smoking! But I digress. I’m all for the presentation in food but if it makes a chef jump from a rooftop yelling “I will not cook another steak medium rare!” or take a few too many pills I’d prefer a TV dinner.

While I have yet to dine at one of Ramsey’s fine dining establishments like Restaurant Gordon Ramsey at Royal Hospital Road which maintains three Michelin Stars I would argue that its just food. Its nothing to kill yourself over (whether by jumping or smoking). Once the customer eats it, it’s gone. Despite the preparation and the presentation, it is gone within half an hour. That’s not to say that I don’t respect both the creativity and craftsmanship that goes into making such exquisite dishes but perhaps there should be less Atlantic salmon with a blackberry glaze and more brainstorming about how we abolish poverty abroad.


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