Osheaga Day 2

This one will be a little briefer.  I got business to attend to today.

Now that we finally understood how to navigate the subway system, we took that into the city for some breakfast.  We chose a tiny little breakfast restaurant nestled in the lower level of a larger restaurant.  The service was slow.  The waiter brought us two glasses of water, no ice.  Not that ice is that big a deal, but I’m going to sit here for the next hour with a glass of already tepid water?  Thanks.

Almost an hour later we received our meals.  I had a Ham and Swiss Crepe, and Amber had a chicken sandwich (which looked like some toast lightly sprinkled with chicken).  The food was decent but I don’t know what they did for the first 45 minutes we were waiting.

Afterwards we decided to take a walk up to the shopping district.  I like to explore, so I decided just to wander in whatever direction felt the most appealing.  Fifteen minutes later we were walked past a man in all black with slicked back hair and a silver chain, taking money from a punk kid on a bicycle.  Not like a five dollar bill or a ten.  But a stack of twenties, fifties, and hundos.  We found the crack neighbourhood of Montreal.

People were itching and talking to themselves.  The shops were either boarded up or loan agencies.  We turned back quickly and found our way back to Rue St Catherine.

After some uneventful browsing we decided to take rental bikes, known as Bixi, to Parc Jean Drapeau.  In my opinion, this was the pinnacle of a weekend in Quebec.  Riding bikes along the lakefront to an awesome music festival.  Navigating through the streets was a little difficult, but once we found the bike path things were smooth sailing.  Nothing like a good 7km bike ride to kick off an outdoor festival.

Bands that played: Black Keys, Major Lazer, Snoop Dogg, Metric, Weezer, and oddly enough Devo.  I’ll spare you the details.  They were epic.  There is no concert that can compare to spending a hot summer day in a beautiful park surrounded by chilled out people listening to some really good performances.  And with 53,000 people, the artists are putting on their absolute best shows.

Major Lazer was an intense show.  We arrived to some dude popping and locking and running around the stage to change stuff on his MacBook and then going back to popping an locking.  As Diplo took the stage all Hell broke loose.  The kind of hell that is really smoky and hot.  The crowd grew exponentially and didn’t die down until minutes before Snoop Dogg was scheduled to hit the stage.

This dude meant business.

Snoop Dogg was amazing.  I didn’t know this but he has an entourage of four really angry looking black guys in three piece suits.  It’s Snoop Dogg, and those guys did not crack even a hint of a smile.  I tried to look at them wrong to see if they’d do anything, but I also didn’t want to get a first hand account of what it feels like to be hammerpunched into some gravel.  Something tells me those guys were armed with a little more than angry faces.  Snoop himself smiled a lot and danced a ton.  His set list was probably the most entertaining in my opinion.  The crowds were hilarious.

Next to where I was standing was a girl in a Snoop t-shirt.  That’s cool right.  Whatever.  As soon as Calvin Broadus (Snoop) took the stage, that Snoop shirt was off revealing a red sequined bra.  That should still be good right?


The girl had hairier arm pits than mine.  I guess that’s fine for some people, but I was off-set.  I like to keep my clothes on at concerts though.

Metric put on a good show, Weezer and Devo apparently played well too. Not much of note really happened. It was an exciting evening. That’s for sure, check out our pics from the show.

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