Today’s Rant: The Life Version

I’m 23.

I have my Bachelor of Arts in English.  I have my technical Gas license (to work in HVAC), and I’m halfway through a journalism degree.  I’ve also been employed since I was 16.  Minus a few minor deviations, I’ve made minimum wage throughout those 7 years.

None of those qualifications have meant anything to any of my employers.  To be honest, I can’t say I’m looking forward to starting a career all that much.  What will I become?  As it is now, I’m a slave to one job and forced to neglect the jobs I actually enjoy.

I spent today pushing a little fertilizer cart back and forth on various lawns north of Oakville.  This is what five years of post-secondary has earned me.  I’m frustrated that each day this summer, I’ve burned through as much of my available energy as I could muster at my day job, and come home to either head to night school, sleep, or feel guilty for going out when there’s chores/work/homework to be done.

I guess this is life, but at what point does one actually reap the benefits of an education.  One needs money to survive, thus I work this job.  I could quit, but trying to get a job with no money is risky.  So I’m in limbo.  Employed and existing on some sort of zombie-esque level.  I’m grumpy, sore, and I smell terrible.  I’m in perfect form to go banging on doors in search of employment.

I’m happy that there are things on the horizon, but I really am at the end here.  What I’d do, to spend the rest of the summer writing and not pushing that damn fertilizer cart.


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