(Serial) Killer Souvenirs?

Today I have across the greatest example of exploitation for one’s profit. The website http://murderauction.com has revealed a new low for humanity. Now while I would consider myself fascinated with the mind of a serial killer from a psychology and sociological perspective, I wouldn’t consider myself a treasurer of their crimes. I have never known until now that you can purchase the van
where Ted Bundy mutilated his final victim with his cell door as a bonus (free of charge) or a t-shirt with Charlie Manson’s smug face peering from under the 100% cotton. This is where I (and most) should draw the line. Right about where glorification of, well, murder, comes into play. To purchase such worthless crap is to say that your morally at ease with the crimes that were committed. There is a very thick line that has been crossed when OJ Simpson Murder comic books or “Psycho Killers: Body Count” comic books are for sale. And it leads me to this: there is a point to where interest becomes fascination which gallops into obsession (much like the killers they glorify). Its unfortunate that only a minority benefit from such crimes of ignorance. No one should benefit from murder. As Ghandi once
said “An eye for an eye leaves us all blind.”

-Curtis Sindrey

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