Growing old isn’t just for your grandparents anymore! (Embrace it)

After viewing countless anti-aging commercials on television, its hard not to wonder why people are so scared to grow old. ‘Gerascophobia’ the fear of growing old, translates to an universal fear of being abandoned by youthfulness and well, life. Many cultures in our world are oriented toward youth. We are constantly bombarded with advertisements to look younger, thinner and more youthful. Television, movies and music dictate our fashions, styles and our day to day lives. At the appearance of the first wrinkle or grey hair, we are directed toward the cream or serum that is appropriate for our “unique” skin type. To fear maturity is to fear life itself. While its true that our bodies and minds change as we age, it doesn’t necessarily change for the worse.

I think that your definition of ‘beauty’ changes as you age. Things that you thought were beautiful when you wereeighteen don’t carry the same connotations as before. In a personal example, I quote French fashion designer Hubert de Givenchy: “As you get older, clothes don’t have the same importance. You see things differently. Now the most comfortable thing is a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.” I’ve come to the realization that I am eagerly awaiting the time in life where a three piece suit doesn’t have the same draw as it once did. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on clothes of all styles and colors, I’ve been so caught up in looking good that I’ve almost forgotten that it won’t last forever. It is what I look forward to when I will reach for a t-shirt and khakis rather than freshly pressed trousers and a tie.

Good news for people who love bad news: if you A) believe in an afterlife or B) Plan to be frozen, you have little to worry about and this article has little to do with you.

– Curtis

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