Rob Ford not that bad?

Every morning since I quit my summer job, I get up, make some breakfast and sit on the swing in the backyard and read the newspaper.  It’s been a really relaxing way to begin the day and I’ll hopefully manage to find the time to continue once school starts.  It’s a good practice because it’s actually important for a would-be journalist, to know what’s going on in the world/Toronto.

Rob Ford needs your help

I’ve been really trying to focus on local news.  It’s hard to take it all in at once when you’re not someone who has read the paper religiously for that long.  I’m following the Toronto mayoral election.  Not that closely but the more I read the more I question.

One thing is for sure.  No one likes Rob Ford.  It baffles me that he’s even running.  This is where I start to question.  He’s a “bad” guy.  He says controversial things, he’s got a drug charge in Florida, and he is a fat man.  That last one I just added because until recently I only knew who he was from all the fat jokes.

The drug charge is new-ishly revealed.  He had one joint in his back pocket when police pulled him over in 1999.  To me, not a big deal.  I’ve watched Weeds and Councilman Doug does way worse things and is a pretty great politician.  I’m sure there’s more story to it, but that was over ten years ago and people change and learn from their mistakes.  Perhaps we missed the greater story: why was Rob Ford smoking weed in Florida?  Maybe he turned to drugs after spending half his life being heckled about his weight?  People aren’t perfect, and there’s reasons for everything, I don’t think it justifies it as a politician, but the man is getting blown out of the water, we might as well have a little sympathy.  I mean, when you’re going to that job interview and HR checks your Facebook to see those pics of you in Cuba or holding a bong, you probably won’t appreciate the unknowing stare.

The controversial stuff he says, really, I think he’s just too blunt, he doesn’t have a politician’s charm.  He says he wants to look after the people within Toronto before worrying about immigration to Toronto.  So he’s a racist?  Not quite, it’s a pretty standard philosophy that one can’t help others until they help themselves.  Would we rather live in an overcrowded underfunded Toronto or would we want to clean up the city?

I don’t think he’s the best candidate, but my concern is that I don’t know anyone else well enough to vote for them.  Rob Ford is in the paper multiple times a day for nothing good.  He’s not a media darling.  He’s a scapegoat.  I feel that all the other politicians are spending their time bringing down this portly dude that is already not going to make it.

Enough is enough.  I can’t get behind politicians that just want to talk about what their opponents are doing wrong.  And here is the worst of it.  Who is worse?  A fat dude with a big mouth who smoked weed a few times in the past, or a group of haters ganging up on one guy?

If I had to vote in the mayoral election, I don’t think I would.  I want to hear some reason to vote for some, not some reasons not to vote for someone else.  It’s a sign of insecurity, if I was running for Mayor, I would keep my mouth shut about what I think about the other candidates.  Rob Ford?  Nice guy!  Joe Pantalone?  Great sense of humour!  Everyone else?  Pleasure to be running against!  Oh and then I’d talk about my platform because that is what an election is truly about!

Chris Farley as Rob Ford?

And on a side note, Rob Ford looks like Chris Farley, and Chris Farley is awesome.  That must count for something.

Holy Shnikies!


    • Ted
    • September 27th, 2010

    Mark my words, Ford will be the best mayor ever, he allready is trying to gather potential council members to his side (this sound like a guy who wants to go it alone? )

    the special interest groups/and the Liberal politicians are scared to death of Rob, because he will end “their gravy train” deals.

    enuf said, lets let him do the job, and a year from now lets see.

    amazing his opponents spending all this time putting him down and not concentrating on their own campain..

    People want Rob, he will end those 8,000 lunches at city hall (thats just the tip of the iceburg).

    you will see a huge backlash on the incumbent councelors in this election. it will be a totally new council with just a few die hards.

    good luck Rob. you will do fine


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