A Gremlin Appears: It’s not very effective.

I’m going to say this at the beginning of the story.  I looked up Bob Muck’s Facebook profile (read on if you don’t know

What an outstanding man...

who he is) and he “likes” the pages “I’m going to sit back and laugh when karma punches you in the face” and “Asking people if they’re retarded when arguing with them”.  That is the definition of irony.

A few weeks ago it came out that Ashley Kirilow had faked cancer and duped supporters of her charity out of more than $20,ooo dollars.  She lied, devising a devilish scheme to convince others that she had cancer by plucking her eyebrows and lashes, shaving her head, and getting a ton of tattoos regarding her cancer.

Then she spent all the money.  On herself.

I’ve no doubt she’s a disturbed little girl but there’s too many people defending her actions.  What she did wasn’t just a fumble, it was an orchestration.  She didn’t just send the wrong impression about her having cancer and having a charity.  She planned and organized it with precision and care and she kept it going.

No doubt if she hadn’t been found out, we would still be donating and wishing her well.  She has issues, that is most certain, but to go easy on her for that is no way to conduct ourselves.  Charles Manson had issues.  Hitler had issues.  Rob Ford has issues.  But I don’t see anyone defending their actions because they weren’t quite sure of the implications.

The infamous Ashley Kirilow

You don’t steal cancer charity money and not realize what you are doing.  Especially when you pluck your eyelashes and shave your head.  You kind of know how the world works.  It’s disgusting that a human could do that when there are people suffering.  And the worst part is that the lies continue, and that people still believe them.  Kirilow said that the $20,000 she raised was actually more like less than $5,000.  Mhm.

Yesterday, a man with a fully-tattooed face (another clearly stable and normal member of society) showed up in at Kirilow’s bail hearing to post bail and said that he would hire her so that she wouldn’t go to jail.  The woman faces four charges worth 2 years in jail each.  It’s not like she’s going to medieval torture prison.  She’s going to Canadian prison where things will be easy, she’ll get 3 squares a day and a bed to sleep in and the inmates probably won’t hassle her too much.  Being on the outside is actually worse I’d think.  People are rallying against her.  She let down a lot of people, and good luck to her for trying to get a job being known as the girl who faked cancer and stole charity money.

This tattooed face guy, Bob Muck, seems to be part of the same scam, maybe he’s just doing this for the attention.

This is not something to be taken lightly.  I don’t want Ashley Kirilow to be free for any amount of time.  She’s a disturbed individual and nothing good is going to come of her being on the outside.  She belongs in custody until they really figure out the key issues of what’s going on in there.

Also, Rob Ford is being kind of a doucher.

And Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are dating or something (who cares?), the real story, that is being overlooked for the aforementioned, is that there is going to be a movie made of On The Road featuring Kristen Stewart.  I’m excited about it, but I’m not sure I agree with a film like that being made.  The Lost Generation is just too trendy these days.

Happy Friday, look for me on BlogTO tomorrow morning!


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