The End of a Dream We Call “Comfortable Living”

The lifestyle that I affectionately call ‘suburbia’ has promised anyone who dares to dwell in it: a sense of space, affordability, and upward mobility (which is a fancy sociological theory that states if one moves upward in the class system, say from middle to high class, that would be considered upward mobility. If however, one went down the class ladder, from middle to low class, that would be downward mobility). As the population of the suburban sprawl has expanded in the past 50 years, so too has the idealistic suburban way of life become embedded in the North American consciousness. This lifestyle however, cannot last forever due to our over consumption of fossil fuels. We as a population have completely stripped this way of life of all it had to offer. All the positive things that attracted us to living here in the first place have evaporated. Therefore I must ask: why do we remain here? Do we know nothing else? Have we lived here so long that it would be impossible to adapt to a new environment? A place where we had to do things ourselves. At this point I am unsure that by moving into the country will I completely remove myself from the suburbs. Convenience can make people do stupid things. (Like live in a place with dwindling supplies) People do too many things ‘out of convenience’. Its time we should start doing things out of necessity or even freewill for that matter.

Why must we be controlled by corporations like Wal-Mart? We the people must begin living in a sustainable fashion by incorporating renewable energy sources in wind, hydro and solar energy. But be aware of corporations in their attempt to cash in on the Green phenomenon. Do your research to determine properly whether or not the products you buy are actually “green” and making a significant difference or is just another marketing gimmick. Than again, when has commercialism ever helped the world?

– Curtis

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