TRAVIS Magazine launches Frosh Issue 2010, Kids

You don’t want to ready anything I write here, you want to click this giant cover image and check out the new issue of TRAVIS Magazine. So go ahead. If you want to ready anything I have to say, jump down below.

Alexisonfire graces the cover of TRAVIS' Frosh Issue 2010.

I think the whole team is proud of this one. A lot of work has went into this puppy. A lot of work went into TRAVIS in general — for the past five years. That’s right, five years. This is our fifth year anniversary issue. Wicked, I know. And with that comes a nice shout-out from Applied Arts’ with granting us winner of the Young Blood award this year.

Here we have another grand start to the school year. So please pick up your free issue of the magazine at Sheridan College or pass along the digital version on all those social networks you kids are on. We know you want to. Or use any of the fancy buttons at the bottom of this post. That will work too.

RYAN BOLTON, editor-in-chief


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