Summer Retrospective

The last few weeks of summer have been sort of anti-climactic for me.  I got Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty and retreated to my awesome man cave to annihilate swarms and swarms of Zerg.  A word to the wise: keep a save file from right before you begin the Char missions, it will save you a lot of pointless back tracking.

The school year starts in three days, yesterday and today is orientation for froshes, and the summer is effectively over.  I feel like I should have made a bucket list of all the things I wanted to do this summer, but in hindsight that list would have been overly simple and uncreative.  As I look forward to what Sheridan 2010/2011 has in store, my bucket list is yet again, simple and underwhelming, despite the knowledge that it’s going to be a great year filled with exciting things.

So with no foretelling what the future holds, here’s a retrospective of the summer:

NXNE – This was the first thing I was granted a press pass too… ever.  And it was awesome.  I attended the social media

Young Galaxy opening for Besnard Lakes

conference during the week and spent the evenings and weekends at the shows of up and coming musicians.  It was awesome.  Over fifty venues, booked solid til 2a.m. everynight and some beyond that.  There were a lot of notables such as Timber Timbre, The Reason, HEALTH, Japandroids, The Besnard Lakes and tons of other stuff.  I’m already excited about next year and how much more I will know and be able to partake in.

Olympic Island Festival – The festival was the day after NXNE and it’s a festival that I’m always excited about.  I went a few years ago when Death Cab and Stars were headlining it and it was a surreal experience to spend a day on Toronto Island sitting in the grass and watching mellow bands play to a crowd of thousands.  This year Timber Timbre, Beach House, Broken Social Scene (with appearances by Feist and Emily Haines), Band of Horses and Pavement were on the bill along with a few local indie heroes like Zeus.  One of the most memorable shows of the summer.

Warped Tour – About a week before Warped Tour I got a confirmation e-mail that I was on the press list for Warped Tour.  I’d just about given up on attending but the news was exciting.  I’ve always wanted to go to Warped but it’s just never actually happened, somethings come up, it just doesn’t happen.  But this year, it happened.  And I got a chance to spend the day as my 14-year-old self.  It was a fun day of hanging out in the little bubble of pop/punk bands that make up the Warped Tour’s travelling circus.

Osheaga – This was an amazing experience, it was worth the 14 plus hours of driving to go to and from Montreal.  It’s a rarity to find a show that headlines Snoop Dogg and Arcade Fire and Weezer and Major Lazer, but Osheaga delivered, in an equally wonderful setting as the Olympic Island Festival.  Highlights include biking to the festival from downtown Montreal and no beer line-ups, although that was only fun on the first day.

Snoop Dogg at Osheaga

Wakestock – Public Enemy and Alexisonfire (Who will be appearing at Frosh week next week!).  It was a long drive to Collingwood, but a scenic one, we stepped off the beaten path and took backroads in a somewhat educated-guess-GPS-system.  We arrived in time to see both headliners and wander the grounds a little bit.  Seeing Flava Flav was a big deal, seeing him up close was even bigger.

Toronto times – I went into Toronto a lot this summer, mostly for shows and dinners but I like being there.  Highlights include: Ra Ra Riot, dinner at the CN Tower’s 360, picnic’s on the island, Greek food, Thai food, food.  Corn dogs at the Ex after City and Colour and Tegan and Sara.  The CN Tower dinner was really exciting, the food was good and it was on an evening with perfect weather.  Oh and my bike ride from my house in north Oakville to downtown Toronto, a beautifully scenic trip that I plan to take again as soon as my new bike arrives.  It took me three hours on my heavy, old, finicky bike, and it possibly had flattish tires.  So I’m excited to see what I can do with the new bike.

Starcraft 2 – ‘Nuff said.

The TRAVIS Frosh Issue – I am so proud of this issue, I saw the amount of hard work that went into it.  It was tireless.  The design meetings were tediously looked over, each tiny detail.  It’s clear a lot of love goes into the creation of the magazine and I’m proud to be a part of it.

Riding a Jetski – I drove one, it was awesome.  They go really really fast, and I only bailed on it once when I got too courageous.

Writing all that out brought back a lot of memories.  I had a great summer and I’m ready to go back to school, because school is just as, if not more, eventful.  As I write this the clouds just turned dark dark grey and a storm is a-brewing.  The wind picks up suddenly and stops and it’s all of a sudden pouring.  But it was a great summer and I’m looking forward to a great school year that promises just as much excitement.


PS Take a look at my summer photos here.

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