In a World Gone Mad: Their Baaaaaaack!

Written By: Ben Holbrook

This week the world witnessed two iron-fisted leaders emerge from a spell on their deathbeds.  It just so happens both have to be considered America’s bigger headaches at one time or another.

North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-Il – fresh off a suspected stroke – took a scenic train ride across the border to meet with China’s president Hu Jintao.  Closer to home Cuba’s Fidel Castro – after being at “deaths door” – emerged in Havana for his first rally in four years.

It’s somewhat troubling for our generation to see these big names still involved in their respective countries political spectrum.  We’ve grown up somewhat sheltered (with todays adolescents – the generation after us – who can be seen as even more “babied” than us) and have had “peace” as a collective goal of our generation since I can remember.

Just when we thought we were going to have a reset in our (by “our” here I am referring to western nations as a whole) relations with Cuba and North Korea.  Fidel came out to warn the world it is about to be dragged into a nuclear war due to the tense relations America and Israel have with North Korea and Iran.  Kim Jong-Il on the other hand appears to be putting the pieces in place for his son’s eventual succession of him.

It’s clear the power these men once yielded is waning, but the influence is something we cannot clearly gauge.  We will be better off without a North-Korean Nuclear threat, and with Cuba and America once having the good trade relations they once had.  I’d prefer to live my life with limited possibility of a nuclear war, and having our neighbor to the south burying the hatchet in it’s stubborn cold-war rivalry with it’s own southern neighbor.

Peace and cooperation may be around the corner, but it still appears we will have to wait just a little bit longer to get it.

– Ben Holbrook

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