Back to School… Day of No Labour.

It’s back to school day tomorrow!  I’m really eager to be back, I always am, and I know once my shiny new notebook and pencil case get a little scuffed I’ll be back to grumbling about “getting a real job” and “moving out of my parents basement”.  This is my twentieth first day of school.  Yup, I’ve been going since the ripe age of 3.  But this time I’m so excited to go back.  It could be the last time I go back to school ever.

Ever.  I’m scared.  What does the real world hold for me?  I’ll no longer be able to look forward to summer vacation and reading week and that month off at Christmas.  I’ll be compartmentalizing as much fun as I can in my allotted two weeks off a year.  But I’ll have money and some direction.  I just spent the last two weeks rarely sleeping and playing Starcraft 2, so it will be nice to detox from that… and to detox from the mountain of Chips Ahoy!  I’ve ingested.  It’s been a true test of my willingness to do as little as possible after a summer of doing as much as humanly possible.

I’m still excited for school, and extracurriculars.  And TRAVIS’ brainstorm tomorrow (at 6:30 in the student union board room, be there or be slightly more square).  But here’s a look at what is to come for September:

Alexisonfire @ Connexion on the 10th.

Lights @ Connexion on the 14th.

The City Streets @ The Drake on the 15th (Rancho Relaxo on the 16th)

Land of Talk @ Lee’s Palace on the 16th.

The Darcys @ The Underground on the 17th.

Stars @ Massey Hall on the 23rd.

Plus I think there’s sort sort of festival involving films and internationality.

Anyway, I’m back to Starcraft for one last hurrah as I burn through the campaign one more time in search of rogue cheevos*.

– Bryan

* cheevos – achievements (Penny Arcade)

    • Ryan
    • September 6th, 2010

    Correction: The brainstorm meeting is at 6:30 tomorrow night.

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