Alexisonfire is Tonight!

In case you were wondering, the Tim Horton’s line is extra long today.  Both of them.

And I really need a coffee…

Alexis tonight is going to be epic.  Even if you’re not a fan, it’s going to be awesome, and Lights next week.  I went to pub last night, it was fun to see lots of people I know.  But I have some advice, if you’re underage: don’t go to pub.  As soon as I got into line something was clearly out of line.  A girl behind me was noisily asking strangers to advise her if her ID was going to pass for her.  As she wobbled drunkenly, I chimed in that maybe if she stood straight the ID might be more convincing.  She was not impressed.  She stated that she could spell the name on the ID, C-I-Z-E…  or was it C-Z-I-E…
Hold on, I told here.  You can’t even spell the name on your ID, what you need is to go back to res and drink some water.  My advice was unheeded.  I figured some people are going to waste their time, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.  I went back to minding my own business and forgot about her.  Seconds after a skinny kid pukes in the bushes, and it can only be described as a nosediving plane crash into the bushes.  Of course, I did not see either of them inside the pub later.

I just heard that there used to be a Taco Bell on campus.  It sounds legendary, it probably went out of business.  Students are hungry people and the demand for cheap, greasy, sloppily produced Mexican food is at an all-time peak on campuses.  I could easily eat what is referred to as “the family meal.”  It should be referred to as just a “meal”.  Thus it would be a reasonable assumption that trying to satisfy the horde of hungry college-goers, especially at an art school, would be near impossible without a truckload of soft tacos, and a giant well of Mountain Dew.  I could see how this would be daunting.  Each night, minimum wage workers would work tirelessly to produced thousands upon thousands of tacos.  Storage alone would require a holding tank of behemoth proportions.

I’ve been reading this.  It’s definitely my sort of humour, I never would’ve expected Australian humour to be my sort of humour.  Largely, because I’ve never been to Australia nor spent a significant amount of time with them.

Tonight is going to be epic.  And you can look forward to a quick chat with Comeback Kid to surface about their new album in the next few days.


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