LIGHTS at Connexion

Written by: Jenn McBride

I wanted to see Lights last night, I really did, but as I got out of the car, I developed a cold almost instantly. It put a damper on my mood, but it was tooy late to turn around. The car had already driven away.

So the line was long. Really long and I felt pretty good that my plus one and I could pass the whole thing. That is until we got to the front and 1. The guy at the door had no idea what TRAVIS was (mind-blowing since he was standing beside a rack of TRAVIS) and 2. We weren’t on the guest list. But I sweet-talked our way in anyways.

So Michou opened up for Lights. To be honest I didn’t know who they were so I YouTubed them right before I left. The 45 seconds I watched was boys riding bicycles and smiling just a bit too much. I prematurely judged.

The band was fun and got me grooving. And I don’t groove on a regular basis.

They handed out balloons, I blew up four. They did pushups. (Strange, but I was into it.) The keyboardist stole the show for me. I couldn’t see the floor, but every time I looked up, he had a different instrument in his hand. I like to think he had a Marry Poppins bag full of music beneath my visible area. He played the keys, xylophone, trumpet and the tambourine. It was the perfect combination of sounds. They put on a really good show. I like a band that doesn’t take themselves so seriously.  They just put an album out, “Cardona,” so ill plug it here. Buy it. Why? Because it’s pretty good music, and it has a whale on the cover. Awesome.

Fast-forward an hour and Lights started playing. For Bryan, her hair looks as perfect as it does in pictures, the best side part I have ever seen. I don’t know the girl personally, but The City got her all wrong. I will vouch for her now that there is no way that she would ever throw Whitney Eves jacket on the floor after one minute. (MTV anyone? No?)

Lights knows how to put on a show. It’s simple, but totally energetic. She bounces around the whole time and manages to keep a tune effortlessly. She never missed a beat. Never. She sounds way better live then she did on her album, which is usually not the case. I was grooving again. She finished her set with the popular “Drive my soul,” which had the whole audience singing. And then she left. Without a word, she left the stage. It was an awkward exit, but then came the inevitable encore and all was right again. Three minutes later, she stopped singing, said goodnight, and I ran to coat check to beat the rush.

– Jenn McBride

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