There’s a reason roads have lanes.  If people drove wherever they wanted all the time, there’d be accidents everywhere.  Imagine a highway with no lanes or dividers and cars just driving wherever was most convenient.  It would be chaos.  Deadly deadly chaos.

The system works, and I believe strongly in it.  We should employ it with human beings as well.  In grade school we’re taught walk on one side of the staircase when ascending and the other side when descending.  It just makes sense.  We avoid collisions that way.  Why  can’t we do that when we walk in hallways.  We’re educated human beings we should have reasoned that walking can be likened to driving.  You wouldn’t drive into oncoming traffic because it was convenient would you?

Use the lane system and you won’t be getting in everyone’s way all the time.  I know these halls are spacious, but we wouldn’t have pedestrian traffic jams if we knew where to walk.  I’ll put down some lanes for now, and hopefully we can implement that system.


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