Do it, do it, or die!

Die Mannequin scares us a bit. But that’s why it works. Steered by frontwoman — and yes, this is her real name — Care Failure, this band can play a guitar-heavy riff. Not to mention rock show. Ms. Failure herself looks like the girl you broke up with — 35 times in a row. And then she wrote some songs because of it. And they work, because the angst and definitely the image are there. They freakin’ opened for Marilyn Manson for the Canadian leg of his tour last year. That’s pretty badass when it comes to image, for sure.

We took in some Die Mannequin last night for their return to da T-dot at Tattoo Rock Parlour. Solid performance that sadly didn’t get the crowd into the full swing of things, but there was a definitely a sizable crowd and a lot of yelling going down. This did change when they played hits like “Bad Medicine” and “Dead Honey.” But back to Ms. Failure. This woman can put on a performance and make you want to fall in love in a self-loathing kinda way. It would be an interesting relationship, just tough because of all the touring. That’s always hard on the heart and the kick-ass rock ‘n’ roll nights.

Die Mannequin's Care Failure not giving a damn

Until next time, Die Mannequin, where we will meet in another bar, hopefully a seedy one, where our eyes can meet.

And then we can break up again and you can write another album.

Kisses and hugs,


    • Anita Brains
    • October 2nd, 2010

    Who ever wrote this just sounds like a huge douche.

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