What’s Up With That?

I didn’t go to Nuit Blanche this year, I went last year and the logistics of it seem daunting.  The whole event takes a lot of work and planning and I decided to just stay in and make sure I read the post-Nuit reviews.

So for those of you who did brave it, I watched SNL for you.

Sometimes I get it, sometimes I don’t.  Kanye performed with a ridiculously lavish set up.  Morgan Freeman was there and he did not look really impressed, Ernest Borgnine however, looked ecstatic.  And Bryan Cranston was the host and that was good… and also weird.  But more on that later.

The sketch with Morgan Freeman and Ernest Borgnine is here:

If you watch it, doesn’t it seem like Morgan Freeman is not very happy to be there?  I got the feeling he was kind of unimpressed, and to be honest I thought the sketch was a little too silly for the sake of being silly.  I guess it’s hard to write new material each week, but there comes a time when it’s just too much.  Other sketches seemed to riff on the absurdly repetitive.

But then again, Katy Perry’s performance last week was… eye opening.  Kanye’s was a lot better.

At some point there was a sketch where Bryan Cranston is a gameshow host (who is clearly also a pedophile) and Andy Samberg plays a child contestant, and they kiss… a lot.  It’s modelled after this clip:

This is the clip:

I’m not really sure what to say about it.  It’s not really shocking, but maybe it was trying to be.  I think that’s my objection, shock value can’t be derived in that way.  And that it’s just not that shocking at all, two men kissing is fine in today’s society, we’re a pretty liberal nation that way.  It just seemed like it was overdone, when there was so much potential to move in other directions.  No matter what why I tried to figure out how this skit came to be, I was more and more confused.  Did Andy Samberg say he wanted to kiss Cranston?  Vice versa?  Were the writers making them do it?  What gives?  It was just weird, not because it was two guys, but because it was so forced and the motive seemed to be missing.  We already established the host was a pedophile and that Andy Samberg was into it.  By drawing it on and if anything mocked the idea of two men kissing.

I’d say that was the worst sketch, but the one about sparkling apple juice was where I decided that I was going to go back to playing Starcraft.

Anyway, Nuit Blanche was hopefully more exciting.


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