Bjork -Hey Hey Hey

Well I’m back.

I have to admit something – I do love this blog, and so I’m going to give it some love.

So this weekend I went to Nuit Blanche with Victoria. We waited in line for 15 minutes fully knowing that the lineup itself was an exhibit.

It was fun I guess – we even watched a guy lay bricks back and forth. How is that for art?

I ate some over priced Smoke’s Poutinere because that shit is delicious. I think its kinda funny that the photo on reviewing the event was all blurry and shitty. I mean I saw probably 1500 chums with SLR cameras running around, think there would be some better pictures?

Anyways, she’s living with four roommates at school – all who seem quite nice.

Then – there is Susan.

She’s an international student and has been cooking alot of rice lately. She’s from China – enjoys Hello Kitty and is focused on Physics.

She was Skyping to her family at home – and we are pretty sure she went to the bathroom and continued talking on her laptop.

Like peeing and Skyping. I mean I was there – but I have no comment on this.

It was a little awkward – I must admit.

Now I’m at home playing NHL 11. The only thing that could kill my addiction to Call of Duty was my love for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Thats my story.


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