Christina Maria gives Travis a Straight Line

Written By: Jenn McBride

After some minor time zone confusion, singer/songwriter Christina Maria got me on the phone to talk about her newish album and her involvement in the Peak Performance Project.

She’s a great phone conversationalist, a gutsy Craigslist user and most importantly, an artist worth listening to.

I actually mean that.

Her album “Straight Line” is a unique mixture of folk/ pop/acoustic/ bluesy sounds. I could probably add a few more slashes in there; it’s a very diverse album that deserves play from tracks 1-7.

As we talk about her street busking career, she whips out a classic analogy that captured her inner morale to a tee.

“I could view it as a circular thing, (busking) giving out energy and receiving it.  I’m like a bat, it’s like using echo location to figure things out.”


On the same topic of discussion, I asked her what her favourite gift from a fan has been. She used to have a list of the best stuff, but she says hand drawn pictures trump it all- even money.

So Christina is a part of the annual Peak Performance Project, a radio sponsored project designed to promote and develop the careers of 20 emerging British Columbian artists.

Basically, artists complete challenges, get on stage, and compete to win big money.

If she wins, she’ll take her $100,000 and make a music video with people she met whilst globetrotting. She’s been to Asia, toured around Europe and all around Canada. “I feel like as a musician I have to travel, it works that I write better when I do”

She’s going to Ottawa today for a show, and as of yesterday didn’t know how she was getting there.

Christina admitted to regularly using craigslist to virtual hitchhike.

I sincerely questioned the safety aspect of this, but she says she meets the best people from craigslist. I wished her the best on this.

Christina Maria comes back to Toronto this Wednesday for a show at the Supermarket. Doors open at 9:30, you should go.

Oh. And bring a coloured picture, she’d like that.

– Jenn McBride

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