Movie Debrief: Catfish

As the credits began to roll, I was stunned.

What did I just spend the last two hours watching?  What happened?  I couldn’t draw a line between what was real and what was fake.  I’m not sure who I thought was creepier.  Or what even the point of the entire movie.

Unintentional comic relief: the gratuitous shots of the protagonist’s Austin Powers-esque chest hair.  And his tramp stamp.  I’m not sure why they included either, the film could have easily been made without those shots, and they clearly didn’t mean for it to be funny.

I’m not going to spoil the story for you.  It’s an interesting movie that’s for sure.  The authenticity of it I question, as it seems that all the characters have something to gain from it.  I won’t spoil anything don’t worry…

Basically, the film is a documentary of this hairy-chested photographer who receives a painting of one of his photographs from an 8-year-old girl.  He then has a really weird relationship with her, as I can’t really see why a thirty-year-old man would accept paintings from a clearly obsessive eight-year-old.  The final result is even creepier, but you’ll have to see it to believe it.  So he starts getting involved with the family (because he clearly has no sense of right and wrong and perhaps he didn’t receive enough hugs as a child), and falls for the sister.  They have a creepy relationship via text/facebook/phone calls (without ever Skyping) and he decides to meet her.  And then for the next hour and a half, it all gets revealed.

Sorry kids, that ain't a t-shirt... :S

At first it’s a shock.  And then it’s slightly less shocking and more so disturbing.  And then it’s disturbing.  And then it’s just uncomfortable.

It was worth seeing.  But if you don’t like weird crap, you are not going to enjoy this one bit.  It’s definitely full of unexpected twists though.

I saw Virginity Hit last week.  That was okay, clearly different genres and I’m not going to even try to compare them, but it seems like low-budget is the trend.  I am going to make a film.  “Three friends decide to make a documentary but then it doesn’t go exactly like planned…  things start to get… creepy… or maybe sexy?  It’s hard to tell unless you see the movie, you’re either going to get turned on or turned off.  That’s about all you’ll know for sure.

Final thoughts: It was definitely a film.

– Bryan

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