Shit I’ve Been Listening To – Within The Ruins, Mocking Bird Wish Me Luck, Stray From The Path

I haven’t done this in a while – but I figure it would be a good time. I like a lot of heavy stuff – but I also like a lot of random artsy fartsy stuff you wouldn’t expect me to like. Being in a metal band – you’d think I’d just like metal right? No you’re half wrong – only some metal.


Within The Ruins – Invade

Ok so this first song is very metal. I like this band – and I didn’t even know they had a music video until just now. I really like all their artwork on their MySpace – it’s all like giant monsters destroying cities and such. The guitar work in this band is wild – and the vocals are a little less traditional for all those grind bands that have logos that nobody can read. It’s good – good solid album. They are on Victory – so obviously some people have serious faith in this metal band.

Mocking Bird Wish Me Luck – Hollow Graves

So if you we’re at Alexisonfire at Connexion you would have seen these guys open up the show. Pretty good – kind of reminds me of Attack In Black. Their voices are pretty raspy – and their hair is swoopy, and the tunes are good. This is some pretty new stuff – and it looks like Dine Alone Records has their back. Check them out!

Stray From The Path – Damien

Here is some metal-core that got all political with this music video. I liked their newest album before I saw this video – but I don’t get politics in music anymore. Especially metal-core – doesn’t make sense to me. But – still a really kick ass performance video. The bass player does this fancy kick swirl thing at 2:45.


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