Hallowe’en used to be cool

Written By: Chris D’Alessandro

I used to count down the days until the end of the month this time of year and really put a lot of thought into something awesome to dress up as, but no longer. It’s not just because I’m getting older either; Halloween should be fun for people of all ages.  I almost trick myself every October; I get really excited at first and brainstorm a whole bunch of cool costume ideas. I even quickly pitched a Halloween themed issue of TRAVIS to Ryan in an email when he mention a brainstorm…I was later educated that it was obvious, predictable, un-cool and something that TRAVIS just doesn’t do. Fair enough, I could contain my initial excitement. After all, I am the new guy and I don’t want to rattle anyone’s baby.

But I have to say, Josiah was totally right to shut out anything Halloween themed for the upcoming issue.  I like writing for TRAVIS because it’s for cool kids (I guess that means you true believer!) We feature a lot of cool artists, musicians and events; all the things that are hip and happening.  Unfortunately, Halloween is no longer cool and that’s because it’s been made too safe and too skanky.

When you’re a kid, Halloween was fun because it was dangerous, or at least, it was presented as dangerous. Your parents let you out at all hours of the night to take over your town and brave the various freakish characters in the ultimate quest for candy. Just good kid fun. But have you actually seen any kids trick or treating in recent years? They barely come out anymore! Blame the parents for this one; a lot of parents don’t even let kids out for Halloween anymore for fear of them getting poisoned or razor-blade-filled candy. If that wasn’t bad enough, you’re not even allowed to make your house scary anymore in case some kid ends up crying and their parents complain to the town. I think on Halloween you should be able to horrify kids with ghouls and gore to within an inch of their life.  Remember how awesome all your stories we’re in the school yard November 1st and all because you were terrified the night before? Kids need to be scared; it builds character.

Then there’s the costumes.  Nobody does anything cool anymore, everybody just wants to be something sexy.  For example, a few of my female friends we’re going to be Batman villains; Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn and Catwoman. That would have been SO AWESOME! But nope, they decided it was too hard, nerdy and lame. Well guess what, you shouldn’t get to participate in Halloween anymore. Halloween needs to belong to geeks, nerds, horror and comic fans. I’m catching a lot of flak because my girlfriend and I had the idea to be Scott Pilgrim and Ramona Flowers from “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World” (as well as the awesome Scott Pilgrim graphic novels) and apparently we’re “so lame”. Granted, it’s a really easy costume, but at least it’s not a sexy –insert random profession here-.

Oh, are you going to be a ‘sexy construction worker’? How original.

Nuff Said,

– Chris D’Alessandro

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