Travis Reviews The Social Network – Eisenberg Awkward and Bad Ass All At Once

Tuesday night is cheap movie night – and I went on a lovely bro-date to see The Social Network.

The story of Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook – and his quest of being the biggest nerd in the entire world.

Let me tell you this – the movie rocks. I loved it – mainly because I’m apart of that big ol’ social network that has taken over the world. I can relate – parents can relate, everyone can relate because Facebook has pretty much taken over everything.

Jessie Eisenberg takes on the lead role of this film which is pretty much two hours of talking. They talk – then talk some more, and keep on talking. For a film comprised of talking – it held my attention. Good acting does that.

That’s saying a lot – and I just couldn’t help but feel cool and hip while JT and Zuckerberg discussed the creation of Napster. I loved it – I love that nerdy stuff, and I love being lost in the gimble-gamble of nerd talk and social networking lingo.

I really felt that Eisenberg played a bit of an underdog, loved his character. In any industry there oodles of ageism – and I really enjoyed how they played off the fact that even though Eisenberg was up against a team of lawyers – he’d still hold his own.

The youngest billionaire in the world – makes me feel like I could have done more by my age!


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