What I’m Listening To

Radio Radio – They were on the Polaris Prize shortlist for their album Belmundo Regal.  I love that you can kind of piece the songs together from the peppered English.  So much fun to listen to.

More music after the jump…

The Unicorns – They had a song in Will Ferrell’s social media driven and virally campaigned The Virginity Hit, and it reminded me how much I used to love The Unicorns.

Hollerado – I passed up a chance to see them play at the top of the CN Tower for I’m sure a very very bad comparison.  I am still regretful of this decision.  They’ve got a radio single but that doesn’t mean they’re not still good.

Jamie Liddell – He reminds me of that dude from Maroon 5 and that made me apprehensive at first.  But I saw Liddell and his band during TIFF and my opinion changed.  His band loves doing what they do.  They all dance like they’re in a Judd Apatow movie.  And Liddell’s jazzy voice works, at one point, the band took a rest while Liddell used all sorts of voice manipulating devices to build up an entire song out of just riffs of his voice.

And if you’re still hungry for new music, how about some of this… http://southernsouls.ca/

– Bryan

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