Jackass 3D: Pushing the limits

I just got back from watch Jackass 3D.  It got 49% or so from critics on rottentomatoes, but it got 89% from viewers.  Basically,it’s not getting an Oscar, but it’s Jackass, you know what you’re getting into going in, if you like raunchy humour, this is going to be an enjoyable two-hours.

I personally felt like it could have gone on for two more hours and I would still be just as excited about it.  There’s just something about people getting hurt and/or covered in gross things that grab audiences.  There’s a lot of penises, a lot of feces and a lot of every bodily fluid you can think of.

There’s scenes that get laughs by watching the sheer surprise of the cast being attacked out of the blue, such as the “high-five” thing from the trailer, it just comes out of nowhere.  Then there’s the moments where the pain is funny because of how expected it is, like the hallway full of tasers and cattle-prods.

Someone told me that Steve-o has to use a catheter now after the extensive damage done to his nethers and by extensive I mean hard and frequent assaults.  I’m not sure that’s a selling point for anything, but that’s basically the movie in a nutshell.  If you like Jackass, you’ll like Jackass 3D, and as my friend Chantelle noted, they made great use of the 3D aspect.  A lot of scenes weren’t particularly advantageous to 3D technology, but they found a way in most parts.

– Bryan

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