My Blackberry Problems

So yesterday I got all stoked because I got a new phone. The Blackberry Curve.

It’s pretty fancy and I’m new to all this BBM stuff and emails and anything else that is included with this gizmo. It’s a big step from my old phone.

I loaded up my emails, sort of – added some contacts, and after a few hours of fiddling I decided to password protect the bugger.

A couple hours later, the phone goes into standby and I forget the password. It had something to do with partying, or Limp Bizket – I never got it right.

So I called Telus.

“I did something very stupid,” I said over the phone.

The Telus operator proceeded to laugh at me for what seemed like a good minute or so. It was upsetting, but we figured it out.

Now my neck hurts, and I had a lovely night yelling at Tyler demanding him to dance.

For all the people I’ve upset, I apologize.


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