Billy the Kid + All-You-Can-Eat Pasta

Not to underplay the main event of tomorrow night, but for $5 all-you-can-eat pasta, you should come out to Connexion. But you should also come out to see Billy The Kid.
If you haven’t heard of her, she’s been on The Hour. Not only been on the hour but is friends with George Strombo. “George is a great friend, first time surfing was with him in LA. I wasn’t as freaked out if it had been any one else,” she said, and she’s also been interviewed by Alan Cross.
Despite punk roots she’s got a folk soul. Plus she has a sleeve, and is really really attractive. So there, I’ve told you, she’s a good musician, with tattoos and is a looker. Oh, and there’s $5 all you can eat pasta. So I can’t think of any reason not to come out.
But if that’s not enough, she’s got a really interesting story as well. When I got in contact with her, she was just leaving her acting class. She’s kind of a jack-of-all-trades in that sense.
“I started when I was two-years-old, I played ‘twinkle,twinkle’ on a xylophone. I just love making up songs and everything that goes with it. When I started travelling and touring I was immediately drawn into the dirty, dingy clubs around town, and I still have the same attraction to playing and touring,” says Billy, who also admits that she hasn’t always worked in music, she had jobs on assembly lines, in warehouses, in retail. “I worked as a fitness sales membership coordinator but I didn’t sell even one.”
The Kid left home at 12, and couch-surfed until she was 15 before entering the foster care program. She says she had good experiences in the system, “It showed me how much good there is in the human race. Total strangers would take me in and feed me and drive me around. Really inspired me to want to give back.”
Billy says that her foster families were supportive of musical endeavors and that her last home had a drum set and recording studio in the basement.
“Everybody out there is asking to come to their show. Music speaks for itself. I’m an independent artist. I put out my own records. If you’re into that kind of stuff it’s worth listening to. You don’t have to take the bus down to my show but…” laughs Billy.
Again, there’s going to be music and all-you-can-eat pasta. And as per the Travis reputation, we like tattoos, and for once a girl with tats is coming by.

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