Love, An Unwinnable Endeavor: A Music Post

I’m lucky enough to be able to get up and scour the internet for music every once in a while, and today is extra productive.  Also, keep in mind Billy the Kid and all-you-can-eat Pasta.  Tonight at 6…0r 8, there’s posters about.  Check them yourself, before you wreck yourself?

I mentioned the Wooden Sky was on Daytrotter the other day.  It was a great time to join, the site is just great, indie art, free acoustic sets, what more could I ask for?  How about a Tegan and Sara acoustic set following Sainthood?


Worth the sign up process for this content.  And there’s lots of free sets and some CDs on sale for some rock bottom prices.

Please watch this video.  It’s brilliant.  The music and the filming is just amazing.  They’re playing tonight in Toronto, and they have a Daytrotter set: here.  I wish I’d discovered them sooner, but they’re great.

On Sunday one of my favourite bands ever played downtown and I decided to pass it up.  I missed my favourite song ever, which makes me regret my decision, here’s a video of it:

I could go on forever, but that’s just about enough for now I think.

Have a good morning,


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