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Lisa is teaching abroad in South Korea and I agreed to help her with a lesson on interviewing.  It involved me waking up at 3 AM to talk with six, 14-15 year-old Korean girls.  She promised to send me the results and here they are: (they are unabridged but still very good, I’m 23 and couldn’t write a letter in Korean)


The Students who Interviewed Me



I was not join the interview but I saw the interview. A few people join the interview. I want to join it but I don’t have a idea. When I was with friends I make some idea easily and discuss with friends. But I’m second grade alone. Now I’ll turn about interview! Bryan is journalist when I heard that impormation I was surprise. I think journalist is wonderful job. Because journalist make a newspaper and magazine with (new) hot news! Journalist can notice to many people. So, I am proud of Bryan. Maybe he was study hard become journalist.  I want to know how long or how did he study during student.

To answer that last question, I took English for 3 years, HVAC for 1, and Journalism for 2 years.

Moon Yong a.k.a Ellen a.k.a. Octopus

I go to Gwangyang girls’ middle schoool. And I am 3rd grade first class leader. So I always busy because many teachers send me on an errand. Sometimes that was a annoying job. But I like my class teacher. I like his kindness of heart. By the way, I like another teacher. Who is it? It is native teacher in my school. She has blond hair and blue eyes. But we have black hair and black (or dark brown) eyes. so she is superstar. She makes interview with Bryan and it was so interesting!! I want to be like him, he is gentle. Oh my God!! ㅜㅜ (sad emotion) I have middle exam October 12. I must study about test.Therefore bye everyone.

I laughed at this one, the interview was supposed to be about me!

Faith a.k.a. Ga- Yeong

I asked him about TVXQ, is the best singer in Asian. He don’t know very well about them. and I asked him a half of four questions about them (though Teacher Lisa said serious question, TVXQ is most serious!). I have opportunity knowing western culture and good things. but, I was one-sided about them. I didn’t catch the opportunity. So, I feel something wanting more but, this interview is very fun and exciting. For me, it is an unforgettable experience. If we’ll have interview next time, I will behave this time (not! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ) Maybe next time, I have an conversation more long time than this time and I want to become Bryan’s best friend.

Connie a.k.a. So Young

ㅜㅜ I want to be a journalist so I was look forward to interview with Bryan. I heard, Canada was 3:00 am while we interviewed him. I was so surprised about that. I thought he is so gentle Because Even though he is tired. He answered to us very kind ^^ And I was so glad to hear the name Tae Yang (Big Bang’s member, He will be my boyfriend) from him! When I asked about big bang. He answer “Big Bang has nice haircut” ^^!!! So funny! Bryan knows Korean singer!
Anyway! Thank you Bryan! Actually I really want to write longer but I’m so exhausted because it’s 3 AM NOW :(  This is the fact about Korean students :(… studying is like… survival game to Korean student. :( :( Ah! One thing is more! I also wanted to be a musician like you So I really really love music!
If you have enough time! Contact me! on my facebook or twitter. I really want to talk about music or life of journalist more!

I’m not really a musician, I can play here and there, but I’m not a super great one.

– Bryan

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