The Limewire Party is Over…

But it’s not going to do a damn bit of good to anyone who actually works in the music business.  Sure illegal downloading comes to a halt, does that mean I’ll go to HMV for CDs of bands I’d like to check out?  Hell no.  Why would I do that?

This pisses me off about the film industry.  Illegal downloading doesn’t really hurt anyone as much as it hurts the CEOs.  Shia LeBoeuf is still making more money than he can spend from Transformers 2.  Seriously, he made how many millions?  And who is getting hurt if I download it and watch it once? Shia and CEOs, the screwing out of money happened before I even heard of the crap-masterpiece.

You know what should be illegal? Selling used CDs/DVDs/video games.  That’s what really hurts the industry because the money does not go back to the artists or the workers it goes back to Rogers or Blockbuster (where it is bought wholesale, rented at about half the price of buying it, and then sold at a markup, a DVD pressing can cost almost nothing) and that just seems to be great.  But when big business isn’t cashing in on us they’re complaining that their losing us.  I still go to the movies, I still go to shows (which arguably ends up in the artists hands), and I still do buy books.

I get that some actors say their star power drives a movie, but it’s a team effort.  Without a camera, a movie is going to suck, without sound effects or sound in general, are you really going to pay 15 bucks to see it?

Big business needs to embrace the new world.  We’re stuck in these antiquated business models.  We don’t think like that anymore, spending is different and it’s a tappable market if you’re willing to sacrifice and make change.  Whatever happened to the saying you have to spend money to make money?  Maybe if businesses started fronting better music and not droning out shitty pop music we’d have a music industry still.  Taking chances is the only way to get noticed and we’re failing at that.  How many sequels to movies have come out in the past decade?  Too many.

Business is suffering because they’re trying to hand us the cheapest third world child made crap and tell us it’s worth a fortune.  That’s why the industry is suffering.  And the fact that a few people are getting paid 90% of the money and then saying there’s a crisis that not everyone is making what they should.  Lower the top bar.  Instead of paying 100 million to Tom Cruise to dick around on screen for forty five minutes, why not pay him 50 million, he’ll still be rich and that other 50 million divided 100 ways is still a ton of money.

Stop crying about the end of the world, it’s only over because the industry is forcing us to end it.  Start paying people what they deserve.  We blew this whole star thing out of whack.  They are just regular people who get paid more than us.

When the Haiti Crisis happened a lot of rich people got together and held a fundraiser, and that grinds my gears as well.  Billionaires holding a fundraiser?!  What is that about?  I could live comfortably being a millionaire, and being a billionaire or multi-millionaire there is no reason not to donate half of that.  Does Bill Gates really think he will run through a billion dollars one day?  I guess it comes down to being selfish.  To Bill saying, hey, I earned this money and I’ma keep it for me and mine.  But is that really admirable?

I am hulking out.  I thought writing this down would get it out but it’s only made me angrier.

I get that working hard should be rewarded, we’re all in this together and we should help out our fellow man, even if he didn’t star in Avatar, or perform at the MMVAs, or ruin Windows again (that was my idea, wasn’t it?).  All these rich people are trying to tell us that we’re all in this together, and that it takes teams of people just like us to create things, but that they are more in this than we are.  Boycott everything.  It’s Black Friday, so stop buying things.

So in the end, Limewire is gone.  They made a movie about Facebook and I’m sure Mark Zuckerberg made even more money.  But if you download it, or any album, or anything else, don’t think about the small bit player who’s getting screwed out of a paycheque because you’re a shameless internet pirate.  Think about how the elite faces of the entertainment industry get paid a thousand times more than you will ever make per production and how you’re limiting them from ever earning a billion dollars at once.

Do you feel bad for yourself?

I sure don’t.

– Bryan

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