Punk Goes Pop, More Like Metalcore and Soda Pop

By Matt Main

Another year and another album of bands taking hits and doing them over in their own fashion. I know the albums are called “Punk Goes” but none of these bands are punk. Anyways, names aside, Punk Goes Pop Vol. 3 gives some tracks that are pretty well done and some that are just hard to listen to.

Similar to the previous volume of Punk Goes Pop, the heavier bands sing the chorus a couple times before making the rest of the song as heavy as possible. Woe, is Me turns Katy Perry’s ‘Hot N’ Cold’ into just another song that could have passed as track 11 on their debut album Number[s].

Of Mice and Men, Asking Alexandria and Miss May I followed the same suit as Woe, Is Me, making songs that get you excited with the chorus and breakdowns but make you question the rest of the song. There is one heavy song that doesn’t make me want to press next. We Came As Romans dishes out a fantastic cover that balances dancy keyboards, screams, down-tuned guitars and well sung vocals in Justin Timberlake’s ‘My Love’.

Not very often is a cover better than the original, but Mayday Parade’s “In My Head” and Artist vs. Poet’s “Bad Romance” covers have to be the best pop covers. Cute Is What We Aim For replaces the beats and synth T.I. uses for a simple acoustic, keyboard and vocal version. The Ready Set turned B.o.B’s “Airplanes” in a soft, enjoyable song while Sparks the Rescue and This Century both make similar, yet near amazing versions.

As for the rest, Family Force 5 takes the high energy out of “Bulletproof,” The Word Alive ruins everything but the chorus of “Heartless” and Breathe Carolina makes an near identical version of “Down”.

With only about half of the album being worth it, 6.5 out of 10


Breathe Carolina – “Down”

Artist vs. Poet – “Bad Romance”

Mayday Parade – “In My Head”

This Century – “Paper Planes”

Cute Is What We Aim For – “Dead and Gone”

Sparks The Rescue – “Need You Now”

We Came As Romans – “My Love”

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