The History of Movember – The Travis Edition

By Matt Main

According to Wikipedia,(lol)  Movember is a worldwide month-long holiday for the male’s upper lip.


Definition: That time of year in November that raises prostate cancer and depression awareness in males

Let use it in a sentence.

“It’s Movember Steve, and my moustache is coming in nicely!”

So where did it come from you ask?

Long ago, poor men in London, England were acting like rebels and said “NO!” to shaving cuts from 1800’s razors. Actually, in 1999, a bunch of young guys from Australia decided to look like those old guys with the huge white moustaches. While sitting in a pub, the Aussies decided to grow their moustaches out for charity. At first, the group set out to raise money for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals by growing moustaches and selling T-Shirts saying “Growing whiskers for whiskers”.

In 2004, it focused more on men’s health, mainly prostate cancer and depression. Ever since, Movember has taken off around the world, leaving guys dateless during the weeks of November.

Does this whole month revolve around guys and their moustaches?

Not at all, the moustache (or manstache) is just a way of showing your awareness, much like a poppy. As Rob Dyer said, “The cure is knowledge”.

What can you, (you – being someone that is capable of growing a moustache) do?

Drop the shaving cream and step away from that shaver. I hope you didn’t just buy a month worth of shaving cream –  but if you did, you can always pull a prank on your roommate.

“I’m a girl, what can I do?”

More like what can’t you do? You can learn the fine art of the finger moustache. Put that index finger between your upper lip and nose and draw yourself a fun moustache on it.

If you are up for it, try the Double Moustache, a full-blown double moustache all the way! You can also cut out a paper moustache and tape it to your face, or try to respect that your boyfriend is sporting a months worth of hair under his nose. Don’t worry, when it’s December 1st, you can yell at him to get rid of it.

In the end, it is prostate cancer awareness month but who says guys can’t have some fun without their shavers?

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