Writer’s Block.

Sorry guys,

I’ve been feeling really unmotivated recently.  I’ve got a few ideas on stories I’d like to write, but mostly I’ve been wrapped up in reading or watching movies.

It hasn’t helped.  I’d like to be writing fiction maybe, but I’m turned off of the idea of writing anything I would read.  The apocalypse story, well worn and over with.  The great american tale, also pretty staled out (thank you years 1960-1970).  And other than that, I’m just not going to write a period piece.  I’m not the renaissance fair kind of guy.  But I want to write something.

In the summer I took a creative writing course that really got my creative output going again.  But I think I’ve forgotten to keep writing.

Write what you know, but I just know what’s going on.


    • Riley
    • November 3rd, 2010

    Bryan, you should totally hit up NaNoWriMo. (http://www.nanowrimo.org/) It’s like… creative writing on STEROIDS. If you sign up now, you won’t be too far behind!


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