Happy Belated Guy Fawkes Day!

By Risaal Baksh

All I wanna say is happy Guy Fawkes Day! Yes we are late, very late, but follow along.

For those who don’t know about Guy Fawkes Day, it’s about anarchy, Marxist, and socialism.The man of the day – Guy Fawkes was the key role in the Gun Powder Plot of 1605.

The whole V for Vendetta movie was made in the honour of Guy Fawkes if that clear it up for you. It’s celebrated in Britain with a parade and a huge fire usually at night.

It’s actually pretty cool stuff, there’s also a lot of sites that bring the pride and joy of the parade straight to your computer. I hope more people celebrate Guy Fawkes Day, but without the plotting to destroy buildings. But still it’s pretty great when you know the whole story. That’s all from me.



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