The Black Ops Fiasco Featuring jimtango xMILLZEx nuhts and xJDrumx

The newest installment of the Call of Duty series had a midnight release. For stores who wanted to take part, they could open up at midnight just for the release of Call of Duty Black Ops.

I play COD with three other dudes who probably don’t get out as much as they should. Liam heads Brains For Breakast, a clothing line that mixes brains, zombies, and breakfast. James, he’s a Sheridan photo student. He was a prestige 10 in the last game, and the only guy I know who got that far up the ladder.

If you’re wondering, prestige 10 is the end of the ladder, the top of the top. Once you hit that, you are literally just playing for the fun of it. You gain nothing in the ranks between your friends.

Fucked up I know.

Anyways, Jay also came along. Jay plays drums in a band called Mercenaries.

He’s got a habit of over planning for things. We tease him, but it’s true and hilarious all at once. He suggested that we make our way over there at 6p.m. He will argue to the bitter end about this, but I’m sticking to my story.

I headed over to the mall at around 9. There was no line up, nothing – we were walking around the mall. It was funny, and over planned and just silly.

When the line started up we made friends with the closest dude with a moustache. He over-shared a couple thinks about his girlfriend in the first ten minutes. He was nice, and older – that made me feel good about myself.

We were all sporting the usual teen dirt stache. The other three guys can actually grow something. Myself, I have a wall of peach fuzz dominating my upper lip. It’s sexy.

We stood, and stood. We were so early that Jay watched me drink a pint of Canadian at the nearest Kelsey’s restaurant. Doesn’t that shit remind you of Cheers? Creepy.

We waited, and waited, and waited some more. I like COD, I really do. But I was more stoked on going to a midnight launch than anything. I really just like doing hilarious things. The line up had about 100 people right at midnight. One guy tried to sell a copy of the game to people in line. I started heckling him. These sorts of things bring out the worst of me. It was funny.

When we were ushered into mall via blue collared security experts, this store had about 1,000 copies of this fucking game. I mean, just walls layered of Xbox and PS3 versions. We stood next to 12 years olds and had absolutely no problem with it. We took this all very seriously/

We waited some more, James won a free shirt for being a nerd.

Expect a review to follow. It’s an interesting game and I’m still thinking on what is good, and what is bad. The game is not perfect, but I’m still pretty damn hooked.

Michael Burton – Editor-In-Chief

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