An Interview with Tre Armstrong

Written By: Jenn McBride

I admittedly have no groove on the dance floor.  I have accepted it and I’m quite content standing on the sidelines watching others get down with their bad selves.

This is exactly what I’ll be doing on November 23rd when So You Think You Can Dance Sheridan rolls into Connexion.

So while I’m watching and your dancing, Tre Armstrong- judge on SYTYCD Canada will be doing just that- judging.

She’s a pretty big deal and is as stoked for the event as we are.

If you haven’t seen Tre on the show, you may have seen her as the lead in How She Move or on tour a while back with Missy Elliot.

Like I said, she’s a pretty big deal.

A self-proclaimed complicated women- Tre describes herself as a “tom boy who is figuring out her feminine ways.”

She’s also the exact opposite of Simon Cowell.- she brings the “nice” to the judge’s table.

“I believe that what I do is bring a positive attitude and energy to judging. I bring smiles, and throw out a joke or two to keep it light and keep it moving,” she says. “I also bring a lot of knowledge on how to present yourself and about the industry.”

Energy is what got her job on SYTYCD Canada– that and her stint on the big screen.

“I was seen in the movie How She Move where I played a real bad ass,” She said. This had the scouts for the show feeling a little hesitant.

”I went for it and I was nothing but bells and whistles- I wasn’t the bitch from the movie, and I got the part.”

This is what Tre expects to see when Sheridan’s best take to the stage.

“I read energy first.  If you come ready to perform I will feel that,” she says. “Come with a great routine and be prepared for anything. Sometimes the stage isn’t right, your music doesn’t start on cue- your going to have to work around it.”

For students who want to get involved in dance but are a little uneasy on their feet, Tre is teaching a class before the show.  It’s open to all students at Sheridan and it’s free. So you should go.

“It’s going to be challenging so come with an advanced heart and an intermediate mind,” she says. “Also, come with your running shoes and just come ready to dance.”

– Jenn McBride

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