Williams’ People Watching Safari

I am sitting in Williams’ and I know why writers find a coffee shop to write in.  I am taking notes on everyone in here.  Every time I come there’s a hilarious amount of stuff happening.

There’s a break up going on in the table near the counter.  Or maybe it’s a post break up.  I can’t see too well, but there’s sad faces and I think I saw some tears.  Ohh, here comes a grimace.  It’s fascinating.  I feel like public places in general are a bad place to break up unless you are certain physical harm will ensue.

Last time I was here, I overheard a two hour best-friend therapy session about an impending divorce.  There were tears at that one for sure.

In the booth against the wall, a woman is crying into her cell-phone.  When I came in she was asking extensive questions about everything on the menu.  Seriously, stood in line for twenty minutes.  And then asked to see the manager for confirmation.  When she finally ordered, she didn’t have any money.  And now, as I said, she is sitting in the corner crying into her cell phone.

Then there was a larger woman drinking what appeared to be two hot chocolates with whipped cream.  I overthought that maybe she was getting stood up but her friend arrived just now and that seems a little less crazy.  Although I think she may have eaten the whipped cream off both drinks.  I am dead serious about that.

That’s my report.  It all happened.  Now crying woman is smiling and stroking her hair as if she’s comforting herself.  And the music is really really retro 80’s.

Uh oh, she just buried her face in her hands.  There’s a lot of hand holding going on now at the other tables, it’s pretty weird.

There’s Glenn Frey’s “The Heat is On” playing and I know it’s from a movie I think but all I can think about is Steven Brule singing to himself in the mirror.

I’ll let you know if anything else happens,



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