Crossing off the Bucket List

AKA Real Life Xbox Achievements.

I knocked two things off the list this weekend.

Well the tentative list that wasn’t really a list until I realized they should have been on some sort of list.

1. Run 5k.

I didn’t really do much for this.  I have an on and off history with exercise.  One year I went to the gym three or four times a week without fail.  One year, I went to the gym a grand total of once for forty-five minutes before I decided it just wasn’t for me.  In high school I played football and rugby and I stuck with the workout regimen only during the season.  Thus I would bulk up during the season, and then spend the off-season getting flabby and weak again.

So I got the idea in my head this year I that was going to run some level of a marathon.  It seemed like a quantifiable goal to have.  A marathon is 42 km.  That’s pretty damn crazy.  I like eating fast food, I like drinking, I like partying and staying up late and playing xbox and watching movie marathons.  42 kilometres is just too much to start training for.  So I started small, 5k.

I’ve been going to the gym about 3 times a week for the last month or so, minus last week when I didn’t go at all for the only cited reason that I was too lazy.  But I went to the gym on Saturday and had a revelation, I was training slowly but surely to run a 5k marathon.  So far I’d worked up to being able to run 2.25 in 26 minutes.  The average time to run a 5k marathon is 30 to 50 minutes.  So I thought I needed to speed up.

Then it hit me.  I was running miles not kilometers.  This whole time I thought running 2.25 on the machine was 2.25 km.  It was 2.25 miles.  I went home and googled it and it turns out I was running 3.6km.  So I only needed 1.4 to go.  I’m a writer not a mathemagician, and it shows.

Today I went for it.  I was going to run the entire 5k.  It took 36 minutes and is 3.11 miles if you wanted to try it yourself.  In retrospect this is crossed off the bucket list but I’m going to add “run a 10k” to it.

2. Play In The Aeroplane Over The Sea front to back.,

Favourite album ever.  Jeff Mangun presents such a sublime piece of artistry and it’s such an underrated album.  I originally heard Oh Comely at a Brand New concert and investigated further to discover it.  Then I heard Kevin Devine’s Holland, 1945.  And then I really got into Neutral Milk Hotel’s In The Aeroplane Over the Sea.

This isn’t really an accomplishment either.  Anyone who can play the basic chords on a guitar should be able to keep up with this album.  It’s easy, but for me, who hasn’t really played guitar seriously in a long time, if ever, my fingers were burning afterwards.  There were points during Two-Headed Boy Pt 2 where I thought it just wasn’t going to happen.  But alas, it happened.

3. Bike to Toronto.

I’ve done it twice so far.  When the weather gets better I’ll likely do it a few more times.  It’s an interesting ride each time and there’s lots to look at and next time I’d like to explore a few more unexplored areas of Toronto.  Perhaps not the sketchy Queen St neighborhood that Chantelle and I walked through last week, but High Park and Trinity Bellwoods perhaps.

Sadly, I don’t have a bucket list, but I really should make one and figure out what’s actually going to be important to me in the future as far as goals are concerned.  I guess working at a major magazine (I’ll get that one closed in December).


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