It’s How You Wear the Suit, Not what you paid.

I’ve been spreading myself far too thin when it comes to work recently.  So thin I feel like I can see through myself sometimes.

But like a fever it just broke the other day.  All the headaches and constant heart-pounding in my chest and nausea just lifted and I saw clearly for the first time in a long time.  Josiah, our creative director, said something thats been stuck with me for a long time.  I was applying it to some aspects of my life but not all of them, and he definitely gave me a push in the direction I was sorely needing to go.
He told me to just do things in a way that was going to make me happy, and not to worry about the (we were talking about school) marks.  I was starting to live with the mathematic philosophy of doing things to keep afloat.  To do it for marks.  And it made so much sense when he said it.
I know I’m at least somewhat talented at what I do.  Perhaps I’m not a prodigy or anything, but this kind of work is where I belong.  Too often it feels like I’m spending time with my friends doing fun things and enjoying the days to their fullest.  It’s hard to comprehend some days that what I’m doing is work.

Just off the top of my head, I covered Warped Tour, Osheaga, Wakestock, NXNE in the summer.  I attended a TIFF rooftop party with a really cool girl.  Last week, I was part of a photo shoot with Matt Barnes that ended up with open bar and then a jaunt to an upscale restaurant courtesy of a very generous industry contact.  Then I drove out to North Bay to survey the scene and make some key friends to keep me in the loop.  I’m very grateful for my craft.  I’m very grateful that I’ve convinced so many people that I’m a good writer.  And it’s overwhelming sometimes for sure.

But yea.  Thanks to everyone who has believed in me a little bit.  To everyone who has been a good friend, or a good teacher, or just had a little faith that a moustachio’d guy like me could deliver.



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