Curtis Vs. Delhi 2 Dublin

As the month of November slowly concludes, the images of men with pedophile-like moustaches are burned forever into our collective retina. This month was of course Movember.

Since 2004, the Movember Foundation charity has run Movember events to raise awareness and funds for men’s health issues, including prostate cancer and depression.

The Vancouver-based Delhi 2 Dublin has been touring his grand country of ours in hopes of raising $10,000 for Movember.

“It’s a fun cause to support and we get to grew these ridiculously dirty moustaches,” said Sanjay, lead singer.

“We’ve all been affected [in the band] by cancer. We’ve all known someone that has suffered from one form of it or another,” he said.

People can make straight cash donations to them after shows or donate to their “Mo space” at

“So far, we’ve raised $4,000 and we have our bigger shows coming up so we’re putting the pressure on to reach our target,” he said.

How has your music evolved since your first record?

“It’s more indicative of us as a band. This is our sound and it represents us as a whole, instead of as individuals.”

What influenced you to combine traditional Indian influences with Irish influences?

“Based on the way we grew this project was the people that came in were themselves influenced by those types of things. I used to be in a Punjabi pop band and we never consciously thought that we’d play this kind of music, it was decided when the pieces of the puzzle came together.”

On your previous record, why were the songs “road tested” before being recorded?

“Even on our newest album, just because even before we called ourselves a “band,” we toured for a year, continually writing songs and seeing what would fit and what wouldn’t fit into our than-new album [Delhi 2 Dublin]”

What kind of relationship does the band have the Asian community?

“In Vancouver we get a lot of support from south Asian radio stations. In the greater

Metropolises of Canada we receive a great amount of support from the South Asian Community.

In what way does your 1st and 2nd albums differ?

“Well one was the writing process because on our 2nd album we wrote together. And secondly, we tried to capture a lot of our live energy on our 2nd album and we recorded together, instead of individually so we retained that sense of energy that you get from our live shows.”

How have your cultural backgrounds influence the music you’re making?

“Well, I’m singing half of the lyrics in Punjabi and half in English. Also, we perform Indian music with a lot of Reggae, Dub and Pop influences and our music represents the worlds we grew up in.”

What’s next for D2B?

“Well, next is a well deserved vacation. Than January is when the machine starts up again when we tour India. We’re also working on a remix album, which will include 1 or 2 new tracks that will be released in the spring.

– Curtis Sindrey

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