Me and my lip sweater pt. 2

I have something on my face.

It’s typically not there. Well, not there to the lustrous extent that it currently sits and resides. It’s not attractive in the slightest. I often get stares. And I typically navigate the odd, usually cheeky comment targeted at its existence, and at my expense.

And sometimes, just sometimes it garners a decent conversation. A discussion around men’s health, namely cancer. And facial hair.

What do we have here? Dueling mustachios I believe.

Yes, I have a lip sweater adorning my upper lip. It’s been there for the past month, the so-called month of Movember. And no, it looks awful – I’m clearly no Burt Reynolds, alas. I grew the little monster to raise awareness for men’s health – just like why every other young guy out there sporting a lip critter says, but I also am raising money for men’s prostate cancer. (And I tracked my visual progress to boot. Want evidence? Here you go:

As I blogged about my intentions earlier this month (scroll down to find that post, it was titled, “Me and my mustache”), I noted that I would follow-up with my mustache-lens experience and observations. Here are some observations from my upper lip from the past month.

People like to stare at totally obvious out-of-place facial hair. And I don’t blame them. I get looks on the streetcar that I don’t understand until I remember that, you know, I have a big swath of ugly on my upper lip. Which brings me to my next point: You totally forget about the Mo’ until you catch yourself trying to curl its corners. You’d think this would be easy to do; it’s not, let me assure you. But I do now aspire to grow a mustache one day that I will be able to curl its edges, just enough to actually purchase mustache wax – how cool. I wasn’t able to confirm if a mustache actually keeps your upper lip warm, as if it were a sweater. The jury is still out on that one. Also, mustaches, especially the light-haired ones, look best when photographed in black and white. That one has been tested.

And lastly, it was great to see such a number of young men adorning various lip whiskers – a lot of which were just glorified stubble, but whatever, right? Any attention is good attention because a lot of the time, men take such stoic and sometimes macho approaches to real health issues – like prostate cancer. Sporting a mustache is a comical, light way of breaking the ice. We should see more of it.

How’s your flavour saver looking? You only have one more day to show the results, proudly, of course.


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