THUNDERHAWKS – Dreams, Gigs, and Chicks

Let’s face it Georgetown is pretty awesome.  First off, instead of saying ‘beer pong’ we rightfully call it ‘beruit’ (bay-roo). Next both myself and your friendly neighbourhood TRAVIS editor Michael Burton are from there. And finally, THUNDERHAWKS are from there.

It’s really cool when you went to high school with a band whose opening for all kinds of big name acts like The Flatliners and getting mentioned in promo spots on 102.1 The Edge. I worked at the local Canadian Tire gas station with lead singer Jeff, guitar sensation Mitch and sat beside guitar sensation number two, Rory Gaskill in history class.

Yeah, I’ve been pretty cool by association for a while now. But it wasn’t until I heard that the boys were hitting the road on a tour last summer that I decided to really start forging this ‘Almost Famous’ relationship.  So here it is, if you’re hungry for a helping of THUNDERHAWKS, then it’s time to get fed.

Chris Payne


Chris: “For those not in the know, what’s THUNDERHAWKS all about? How would you describe the attitude, sound and feeling?”

Rory Gaskill: “THUNDERHAWKS is a group effort. Everyone has their say, so it’s difficult to pin down exactly what we are all about. We do know we have a good time playing the music we’ve written. The songs themselves are very loud, driving, and in your face. The best description we’ve heard is ‘getting punched in the face by a good time’”.

Chris: “So what was the genesis of the band? How did it come together?”

Rory: “Back in the day one guy played guitar with another guy and wrote some songs, they formed a band. Guy one left, then guy number two left, filled in with guy number three and the original drummer. We are now currently the THUNDERHAWKS as you see them today. But it came together very smoothly, never a challenge in finding someone to fill the void that was left by someone leaving. We always had an idea, a head start, and a back-up plan. But, as it stands right now, things feel more comfortable than ever. This is the line-up to end all line-ups.”

Chris:  “What are you guys most proud of? What are some of the coolest memories?”

Rory: “It’s defiantly awesome to go somewhere and see someone, even if it is just one person, that knows the words and is singing along. I guess to have garnered any sort of fan base thus far is a point of pride for all of us. On top of that, being able to play shows with The Flatliners most notably. They’re already a band we look up to, but having the chance to share a stage with them was definitely a great time.”

Chris: “What was the tour like? Again any great, funny, odd stories?”

Rory: “Ah, the tour. The tour was great. All of our stories are the basic tour stories you’d imagine like your van breaking down or eating terribly, but obviously there are exceptions. All the best memories happened to be in association with drinking, so there is some selective memory. We did once see a girl peeing right outside of a club, that was gross.”

Chris: “Currently, what are some of the main goals of the band? What’s coming up? Where do you want be in the immediate future?”

Rory: We are in the process of finishing up the writing end of another album. We have also been talking to a couple people regarding pre-production and release dates, so things are moving swiftly. But ultimately, we hope to just keep releasing the same bonin’ jams as always. Keeping a strangle hold on our current fans and shovelling in new ones by the boat load. You know, keeping the hard on. It’s going to be a great upcoming year.

If you want another hearty helping of THUNDERHAWKS, then check out their Facebook page to stay tuned for details on upcoming shows and new songs.

Rock on true believers,


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