Davis Unveils Their Electric Car on Monday

By Curtis Sindrey

Gas prices? Who needs gas prices?

The Engineering Club at Davis is holding a ceremony on Monday for their newest project: building an electric car.

The club was formed in March 2009 by groups of enterprising students with an interest in all forms of technology. The SEC is a relatively new organization but is one of the more popular technically inclined groups in the school. With more than 20 members in the group of various engineering disciplines, there is no limit to what each individual can contribute.

“The club combines all of the engineering programs at Sheridan. We have electrical, mechanical and chemical engineering members,” said Albert Gostick, president of the Engineering Club.

The ceremony will be held at Lockwood Chrysler in Oakville at 3:00pm, where the club will be presented with a $10,000 check.

The car will be completed in late December with off-the-shelf components and some minor mechanical alterations throughout.

“The car will reduce at least 90 per cent of carbon emissions and will sustain speeds up to 100 km an hour for at least an hour and a half,” said Gostick.

The second phase, likely to begin in January, will consist of redesigning the critical components to make the car lighter and faster.

Students outside of the engineering programs are unaware of the project.

“Students should care because it gives them an outlet for their ideas that they otherwise wouldn’t have,” said Gostick.

If you’re interested, head over to Davis and take a look for yourself.


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